What makes your mattress special

Everything and everyone needs the energy to function. our phones, appliances, and gadgets and so do we all need charging. Good sleep is like a fast charger for us to work and rejuvenate ourselves. Several factors affect your sleep quality like lights, noise, and especially your soft comfortable bed mattress which just wraps around you and throw you into a magical dreamland. But have you ever thought about what makes your bed mattress so unique, what is beneath the exterior sheets of your mattress, and what is the base of this mattress and you must be thinking about why it is essential. It plays a vital role because the base material decides the overall quality of your bed mattress, a good base can take your mattress quality to whole another level and is also important in managing your health issues like backaches, your body posture, etc.

So the base is generally made of one of the three types of sheets 

  • Rebonded sheets
  • Spring core base sheets
  • EP sheets

Rebonded sheets are typically utilized as a supportive base layer or as a component in mattress construction.

So here are some benefits of rebonded sheets that give it an edge over spring core base mattresses.


  • Support and Stability: Rebonded sheets provide mattresses with great support and stability. The crushed and glued rubber granules provide a solid base that helps in maintaining the shape and structural integrity of the mattress over time. This foundation layer helps the sleeper's weight be distributed evenly and prevents sagging.
  • Supporting layer -Rebonded sheets generally act as a supporting layer, but they can also add to the mattress's overall comfort by relieving pressure points. Rebonded rubber's stiffness and density can create a stable and supportive surface while also providing some cushioning and pressure alleviation.
  • Motion isolation - Rebonded sheets can assist in lessening motion transmission inside the mattress and hence helps with motion isolation. As a result, it is less probable for the other person to notice when one person moves or changes positions when they are both sleeping. This may help you have a more peaceful and uninterrupted night's sleep.
  • Anti-Microbial Qualities: Rubber naturally possesses anti-microbial qualities that can help stop the development of bacteria, mould, and mildew. Maintaining a clean and sanitary sleeping environment may be helped by this.   

    On the other hand spring core base mattress gives you the feeling of more comfort for a few days only with a high mattress price but in the long run or can say in daily life it affects your back adversely, it is not long-lasting and costly compared to other kinds of mattresses. But the spring mattress provides some unique qualities as well like motion isolation and temperature regulation. They are mostly used in hotels, Airbnb.

    The third and the last one is EP sheets . They are light in weight with a low mattress price but due to their low quality, they are not suitable for sleeping daily, they are made out of scrap material which does not make a good base for your mattress and hence is very uncomfortable and due to their low quality they hardly last a year but they do look like rebonded sheet mattress and that’s why some companies sell EP sheet mattress in the name of rebonded sheet mattress. So make sure and double-check next time when you go to buy a mattress 

    Epe mattress

    Keeping the spine health and pocket of its customers in mind, Spinemat uses rebonded sheets in their maximum products so they become long-lasting and can provide the good night's sleep that you deserve.