How To Choose The Right Mattress-

A good mattress is essential to achieve good spinal health. There are many factors that affect our sleep. A right mattress will keep your spine aligned and help maintain the correct body posture. This fact will significantly enhance the standard of your sleep. It gives your body an ideal balance of comfort and support. Before we delve into the depth of it, we need to know why sound sleep is, necessary-

Sleep is a biological necessity. In today’s scenario people are suffering from many sleep disorders and a good mattress is proven to provide a night of better and sound sleep. Insufficient sleep can lead to many diseases such as- chronic back pain, insomnia, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, strokes, diabetes, and many more.


Yes, many pieces of research have proven that a good mattress can help you get sound sleep and eliminates many other factors that disturb your sleep.


If you suffer from back pain or joint pain, your mattress could be the possible reason behind that. Your spine should be properly aligned to give you a pain- free sleep. This helps relieve one’s pressure points which ultimately results in - yes, you got it right!! Sound Sleep 😊

Moving on to snoring, this is one issue that keeps you awake while your partner sleeps and snores. Most folks unknowingly snore occasionally, but if you snore on a routine to some extent where it is becoming a difficulty, your airway is partially obstructed during sleep. This is mostly caused by your mattress. If your bed sags, your head, and neck won’t get adequate support, this might cause throat restriction and viola – snoring. If you would like to sleep snore-free, you ought to consider getting a medium-firm mattress. A latex mattress usually holds shape for a long time and is worth your money.


A good mattress would support every part of your body equally as you sleep. Without a fair weight distribution, you may not have sufficient support for your lower back. This can lead to improper spinal alignment and eventually will lead to an increased number of problems over time, most notably, chronic back pain.

You may reconsider before buying a soft mattress as most soft mattresses don’t provide adequate support to your back. A bad mattresses can cause your hips and shoulders to rest too heavily. An ideal mattress would support the natural curve of your spine and prevent it from sagging any further. One can switch to a mattress that has the right combination of rebonded foam and memory foam to get adequate support and keep your spine aligned.

 “ Everything you do, you’ll do better with a good night’s sleep” – Arianna Huffington

Hence proven, that to increase one’s efficacy and excel in all arenas, you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of your sleep. Have a good night sleep !!